Monday, July 25, 2011

summer work and materials for next year

okay all...this is somewhat late but have been away from usual and so very evident i need to address that soon.
here it is:

all free tibeters will be printing on t-shirts for the opening and late night at the crow august 19th.

i hope you have all been working on new woodcuts for this event.

we will be doing our ode to drive by press and printing

August 19th, friday, 6pm - midnight..

this year we will not have a prayer flag exchange but a t-shirt giving instead.

so those of you who want to give your print..and are not in printmaking next year or in free tibet can still do this.

i would like to have all plates at school aug 18th. there will be a meeting for all free tibeters and/or printmakers at 2pm that thursday the 18th.

please be there if you plan on printing and as said before we need the new plates..good idea to test them that thursday.

i should be back in dallas next week.

i suggest that all of you go to the crow and see the tibetan exhibitian and

our coloring books are on sale in the giftshop!

we have tons of great things planned for this upcoming year..we will be working with the meadows and will get a chance to see original goyas and picassos.

also we will be working with a master printer in april at the artfair from pace prints doing monoprints. ryan omalley (drive by press) now prof. at u.t.corpus christi when aline is making great prints...will be coming down to do a workshop.. so much to look forward too!

our coloring book is expanding and next year san francisco art institute will also be participating..

my small lightweight press should be arriving in oct. so folks we have much to look forward to...

i cannot wait to hear about all your summer adventures! james has been studying with oscar gillespie and doing exceptionally well.

i look forward to seeing you all..

materials : paper towels, apron, speedball or good woodcutting set at woodcrafters or paper arts, mdf board, copper plates..gloves, baby oil, Q-tips, soap..etc..

tx me if you have questions... please spread the word about

thursday aug 18th 2pm meeting !