Tuesday, September 21, 2010

schedule of events for the mystical arts of tibet tour

The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Oct. 2nd - 9th, 2010

TIBETAN BUDDHIST MONKS from Drepung Loseling Monastery return to the Crow Collection for a week-long artist residency to construct a magnificent Tantric Buddhist mandala sand painting.During the week, millions of grains of colored, crushed marble are painstakingly laid into place in this ancient spiritual art form to generate energies for global healing. This year, the monks will construct the Akshobhya mandala, or The Unshakable Victor, symbolizing a wish for conflict resolution and peace.
Saturday, October 2nd - AdventureAsia: Family Days at the Crow
10:00 AM–2:00 PM
Celebrate the opening day of The Mystical Arts of Tibet with fun family activities inspired by the traditions of Tibet. Tour the new exhibition Tibet—The Land Closest to the Sky and create your own sand paintings, prayer flags, and Tibetan friendship scarves. Following the opening ceremony, the monks will perform a special blessing for children. Free, but donations to the Drepung Loseling Monastery are appreciated.
The Mystical Arts of Tibet Opening Ceremony - 1:00 PM:
Experience the beauty of this ancient ritual and blessing of the space as the monks prepare for the creation of the mandala.Seating is limited; $30 for the public, $15 for Friends of the Crow Collection and students. Reservations are required; call 214-979-6435.
Tuesday, October 5th -
Meditation with the Monks of DrepungLoseling Monastery 6:15–7:15 PM
Enjoy a relaxing hour of meditation led by our artists-in-residence. Space is limited; $10 donation to the Drepung Loseling Monastery requested.
Wednesday, October 6th -
Gallery Talk:
The Mystical Arts of Tibet 12:15 PM
Join Johan Elverskog, Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, for a conversation in the galleries on the religious and artistic significance of mandalas.Free. No reservations required.
Thursday, October 7th -
Silk Road Lounge SPECIAL EVENT
Sacred Music, Sacred Dance
Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts 7:00 PM
Experience a rare special performance by the monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.
Seating is limited; $20 for the public, $15 for Friends of the Crow Collection, $5 for students. Reservations are required; visit crowcollection.org or call 214-979-6435.
Presented in partnership with the Dallas Observer and Naga Thai Kitchen and Bar. Please note, due to the sacred nature of this presentation, alcohol will not be served at this event.
Free Tibet and BTW printmaking students will be doing "ode to Drive By Press"that evening from 5pm-opening of dance preformance in printmaking room 058
before the event.
old and new prayer flag images are available to be printed on new t-shirts ( various sizes and colors) for a $10.00 donation, on colored fabric $5.00 donation and on anything you bring for a $3.00 donation. This event is hosted in patnership and sponsored by The Crow Collection of Asian Art and btw free tibet.

Friday, October 8th
Prayer Flag Presentation5:30 PM
Join us as students from the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts printmaking class present original prayer flags to the Tibetan monks in a ceremony bridging East and West.
Free. No reservations required.
Saturday, October 9th -
Mystical Arts of Tibet Closing Ceremony - 1:00 PM
In a ceremony representing the impermanence of all that exists, the monks will dismantle the sand mandala. Following the ceremony, the sand will be dispersed at Turtle Creek in Dallas.Seating is limited; $30 for the public, $15 for Friends of the Crow Collection and students. Reservations are required; call 214-979-6435.

2010 Flora Street Dallas, Texas 75201 214 979-6430
Copyright © 2010 The Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ok all... monks will be here oct 2nd for opening ceremony

ok all.. all prayer flags must be completed by this friday sept. 10th 2010
open studio this tuesday sept. 7th.... after school till 5:30pm
wednesday sept. 8th..... after school till 7pm.
prayer flag exchange... friday october 8th 2010... out fair day 5:30 - 6:30pm
all students and their families are welcome and semi expected to be there.
please go to WWW.crowcollection.org for exact info.. click on calendar and go to dates
oct. 2nd-9th, 2010
now we are starting on reduction prints for most of you! our topic is the u.s. constitution especially the bill of rights.. all students need to pick an amendment and think how is this amendment in practice today? how do you feel our rights are being protected today in these great american states... this is a print about you and how you feel about this country NOW! in relationship to what our constitution enables us to have.
think ..what does it mean: the american dream? the middle class? how do you defend your opinion based on facts....
this is important to have come up with thoughts that will then inspire images....
remember supplies and a copy of the constitution must be turned in for a grade!
and click on prints and illustrated books......
here are works collected in the greatest modern museum in u.s.a.
look at these!!!!!
good inspiration.