Monday, November 14, 2011

william behnken

Oh my dear printmakers..
click on the old print shop to see more..
we have a link to the best aquatinter out there..
he is willing to correspond and answer your questions.
if you are in nyc he teaches sundays at the art students league..
and he went to an arts magnet high school just like you!
take advantage of this great opportunity and his kindness.
and UNT is taking an interest in us for a change and here is the link to their blog:
the print departments offical print site?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

hello.. 2nd six weeks..

here we go again...
and the print steps up again. most prayer flags should be done. we have fire"proofed" the most and threw the generous gift off spray-able retardant, and the help of free tibeters on saturdays..not only are they fire proof..but the coastline banners and boat, fire proofed are up and sailing. we need to get ricky and evans video up about the actual installation and creation of these pieces.
will get the video up on here soon, plus the whole collection of the new prints for the second coloring book which by now should have made its way to tibet (50) through the graciousness of the tibetan healing fund and their contacts. hopefully they will be as well received as the 1st.
we are contemplating what is next along these lines and are debating an actual print postcard exchange similar to april katz's ( university of Illinois?) postcard exchange. the question is how to get monks and tibet children involved..
giving this thought.
we have finished this years new prayer flag designs, finished our text pattern and line cutting lino thanks to jamal's lino plate test, left behind, and are beginning an etching and aquatinting six weeks based on goya's print series portfolios. we will also to travelling to smu meadows and get to see about 40 prints.. taken directly from the storeroom. what an opportunity. thank you scott w. and smu.
it should be an interesting adventure, students will also see and review crown points cd series on etching aquatinting and chine colle.
initially prints are small, 3"x 4" but larger prints or prints of the same size will develop into a mini series and possibility of a mini book.
my original, and more detailed syllabus for printmaking will soon be available on the school website. more descriptive and goal oriented.. an important consideration since we will print!
i am excited to process with intaglio and remind you all about materials and aprons.
check out the video!!!

this is magic

thank you cyrus..and all the btw printers that make this possible.

Monday, July 25, 2011

summer work and materials for next year

okay all...this is somewhat late but have been away from usual and so very evident i need to address that soon.
here it is:

all free tibeters will be printing on t-shirts for the opening and late night at the crow august 19th.

i hope you have all been working on new woodcuts for this event.

we will be doing our ode to drive by press and printing

August 19th, friday, 6pm - midnight..

this year we will not have a prayer flag exchange but a t-shirt giving instead.

so those of you who want to give your print..and are not in printmaking next year or in free tibet can still do this.

i would like to have all plates at school aug 18th. there will be a meeting for all free tibeters and/or printmakers at 2pm that thursday the 18th.

please be there if you plan on printing and as said before we need the new plates..good idea to test them that thursday.

i should be back in dallas next week.

i suggest that all of you go to the crow and see the tibetan exhibitian and

our coloring books are on sale in the giftshop!

we have tons of great things planned for this upcoming year..we will be working with the meadows and will get a chance to see original goyas and picassos.

also we will be working with a master printer in april at the artfair from pace prints doing monoprints. ryan omalley (drive by press) now prof. at u.t.corpus christi when aline is making great prints...will be coming down to do a workshop.. so much to look forward too!

our coloring book is expanding and next year san francisco art institute will also be participating..

my small lightweight press should be arriving in oct. so folks we have much to look forward to...

i cannot wait to hear about all your summer adventures! james has been studying with oscar gillespie and doing exceptionally well.

i look forward to seeing you all..

materials : paper towels, apron, speedball or good woodcutting set at woodcrafters or paper arts, mdf board, copper plates..gloves, baby oil, Q-tips, soap..etc..

tx me if you have questions... please spread the word about

thursday aug 18th 2pm meeting !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

workshop with oscar gillespie at brookhaven (july)

ladies and gentlemen..

brookhaven..summer II

Oscar Gillespie

This intensive, 11-day workshop taught by Don Taylor and visiting artist Oscar Gillespie, professor of art, Bradley University, concentrates on burin engraving on copper and aquatint processes for color printmaking. Please note the dates: July 12-15, 18-22 and 25-26. For more information, call Don Taylor at 972-860-4732.

this is such an opportunity..Gillespie is the genuis of the intaglio process.

i am so disappointed that i will be out of town in july..

to have a chance to learn from this master is like beyond wow!

sign up as soon as you can..the class will fill quickly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

american print alliance

dear printmakers...

I would highly suggest if nothing else you visit this site:

student membership is only $19 ( 4 magazines, 4 prints and access to special parts of their website!)

this is an exhibition that we were a part of in 2002!

Alliance Exhibits September 11 Memorial Portfolio The idea of commemorating the victims with a memorial of images on paper, rather than stone or steel, is a reflection of our art. The portfolio is a simple and prevalent format among printmakers, which allows even a large group of prints to be sent for exhibition to many places. And this portfolio is very large, 445 artworks donated by artists from the United States, Canada and ten additional countries. Thousands of people died because this country respects freedom of religion and speech and encourages all individuals to reach their full potential. We celebrate their individuality in that spirit of creativity. We hope our expression of sympathy comforts their families and friends, a nation and the world.

NOW!!!! a result all students will be required to buy their own tools next year...speedball cutters stolen in mass..speedball blades almost all gone... and so it is..

and on a side note..this year's Dallas Art Walk has three to four different print/presses represented: Tandem,CrownPoint,Public Works and Tamarind and maybe more...

check them out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

4th message in a bottle print show and sale.

welcome back after this most enjoyable spring break!
I know some of you were lucky enough to travel far and wide and a few of you were lucky and went to the print convention in st louis at wash u. the dream school...ah, yes...
all postcards should be mailed in!
however those that have not,
you must mail them to:
and they need to arrive by march 30th to be a part of the exchange.
april katz
university print society
158 design
iowa state university
ames,IA 50011-3092
(you all owe $1.00 min for postage!)
4th message in a bottle is now
A complete and clean edition of 17!
paper size 8.5"x11"
vertical format.
must have tibetan and english word.
scroll down for original entry and requirements
crow collection is printing the coloring book.
work will also be exhibited at gallery 555 in detroit also.
here is the list of schools and alum helping...

absolute due date prints need to arrive:
april 15th 2011( week of april 11-15th)

this is the final group list. if you are in and have already are ok and don't need to...however i need to hear back from a few...i know for a fact: ud, uta, san angelo, micd and btw students and adult printmaking group.
we here at btw need 3 prints...2 for the trammel crow and one for the printer for scanning.
i would suggest 2 for each other schools..but as long as each school gets one set of prints i am sure that's ok.
Gallery 555 in detroit is going to have a show of all the prints too. they are closely affliated with CCS. So the students will have two venues thay this prints will be exhibited at. their confirmation letter is attached. this is a great venue for you instructors and adult printmakers too have a show. check them out on google..enter gallery 555.

total edition size approximately 17 if sending 2 prints to each participant.
total edition size 10 if only sending one print to each school.
(remember we here at btw need 3 if possible 2 for sale one for printer)

the size is 8.5"x11" like xerox paper and vertical please..they can be mailed in a large manilla envelope. if you want to mail enough prints for me to mail packets to each university i am more that glad to do that to simplify things..but please keep to size and orientation.

i am so grateful to you all. this year the monies raised will go to the tibetan healing fund and the drepung monastary.
the crow has promised to print a coloring we hope to send some on to tibet again and a few will be on sale in the crow gift shop. unfortunately the chinese are really cracking down on the tibetan culture and are threatening to take the tibetan language completely out of schools...
if a language is lost there go it's people so to say... the tibetan healing fund is the only group that can really get in to help the people, and have people in place.

please no reference to the dalai lama or the tibetan flag or free tibet since if the images contain any of this china will not allow the book in. it also will compromise what the tibetan healing fund can do.
i have attached the original handout and the article about the tibetan school that recieved the coloring books
our blogsite is and has the photos too.

again thank you and tashi delek
happy losar (march 5th, year of the rabbit, year 2138)
Angelo State University
John Vinklarek
Art and music department
ASU station #10906
San Angelo, Texas 79709
325 942 2223 ex 238

University of Texas at Arlington
Department of Art and Art History
502 S Cooper StFine Arts Building, Room 335Arlington, TX 76019
michelle murillo

University of Dallas
Printmaking Department1845 E. NorthgateIrving, TX 75062
Krystal Read

The Episcopal School of Dallas
4100 Merrell Rd.
Dallas, Tx 75229
Attn: Kathleen A. Raymond

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2501 Stevens Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN 55404-4347
ana laura juarez (btw alum and student coordinator)

students and adult printmaking group
2501 Flora Street
Dallas, Tx 75201
Eva Kutscheid
214 908 7140
school 972-925-1245

Zdzislaw Sikora
Printmaking Department
(btw alum and student curator Rudy Jacobo )
College for Creative Studies
201 East Detroit,MI 48202-4034

Erin Martinez, Development Director,
555 Gallery and Studios
5695 W. Vernor Highway
Detroit, MI 48209
a side note.........
help ms jalilvand
extra credit for origami newspaper cranes size 6"x6"
must be turned in by march 30th.
go to these websites
ok printmakers..get busy now!
so lets get to it and show everyone what we can do and how we help with making and selling prints to bring the world together and help perserve tibet and it's language.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

second semester/4th 6 weeks

here we have excellence. Macey's stop smoking/stop polluting relief etching... print darker; plate lighter .

okay's the scoop...

1. please scroll down and look at our beautiful tibetan kids and your artwork/coloring books..and what a difference you make! we will start on this year's
(4th)Message In A Bottle next 6 weeks.

all info is on this blog..but you must scroll down to see it. you might want to go ahead and start thinking about what word or phrase you want. we will have a sign up sheet like last year, and it's a first come first serve so to say. I also have the tibetan language book this year, and we have Thupten as a resource. so.... get with it! We are also having more universities participating, spurned on by your favorite printmaking alums. more details to follow.

two exhibition possiblities this time..crow collection of asian art (our sponsor)
gallery 555 in detroit.

2. this six weeks we are working on finishing two print projects:

a. the Posada relief etching that was assigned last six weeks. do end of this six weeks! edition of ten and plate to be turned in the monday or tuesday of the last week of six weeks.
(hard to say with the ice day make-up days)

We are getting some very good results...check these out .... YOU ROCK MACEY!!!
one on the left is the print, one on is the right plate.. what an excellent example of relief etching and strong yet humorous issue as the master our inspiration Posada! There are some excellent prints and plates being created.. check your classmates' work out... really good prints happening out there.
b. the reduction linoleum print for the print exchange with Iowa State.
edition of 14(minimum) to be sent through the mail after I grade them. this can happen no later than march 12th before spring break. 13 go through the mail to the school. the 14th is for me.
you might want to print a larger edition so that you can exchange prints with fellow students.
I am asking for a minimum donation of $1.00 to send to Iowa State to help with postage.
please consult print out..
(remember you each received one...put here it is again)
reminder: we are the only high school participating; once again raise the are showing work with university print students and the exchange is sponsored by one of the top printmaking departments in the U.S.A.
4 color minimum, i suggest cutting at least 20 pieces of card stock/tadboard.
size: 6"x4" water-base before oil-base,design, transfer with carbon paper,score lines, cut out whites, test print before starting on card stock every new day printing. keep pressure on the press light not to stretch linoleum, colors from light to dark, what video on in relief printing and there is a woman from England that does an outstanding job going through the process. Here's the exact info:


Please share information about this project with as many people as you can. We are sending this out with the hope that some of you faculty printmakers can work this into the plans for your spring 2011 print courses.

Iowa State University's Print Club is hosting the 11th Annual Postcard Print Exchange. Each year artists participate with entries from across the United States and as far away as Australia. This past year we received prints from 352 artists from 40 U.S. States and nine other countries. Please read the following prospectus and pass the information on. We are eager to continue to have this exchange grow. Thank you.

April Katz

The theme for this year’s exchange is “Apocalypse” in response to the hubbub about 2012. Feel free to interpret how you like, but a few ideas are Mayan calendar, Revelations, Nuclear Holocaust, Nostradamus, or Zombie Apocalypse.


1. Any printmaking technique may be used (woodcuts, lithography, intaglio, photography, silkscreen, digital printmaking, etc.)

2. Create 13 duplicate postcards, each must be 4” x 6”

3. The 13 identical prints should be sent individually to the address posted below. Each card must be stamped and will bear the markings of travel and the postal service. (Do not send the cards together in one envelope.)

4. Include the following information on the back of the card:

a. Your name and return address (legible please)

b. April Katz' address (details below)

c. Title

c. Process(es) used

d. Your e-mail (optional)

5. If you can, send (separately) a small donation of $8 ($4 for students) to help pay for postage. Checks payable to The University Print Society

Send postcard prints to:

April Katz

University Print Society

158 Design

Iowa State University

Ames, IA 50011-3092


ENTRIES DUE: March 30, 2011

After receiving everyone's postcard prints the University Print Society will divide up the cards and you will be sent 12 new and different prints from other participants. The University Print Society will keep one of the 13 for its collection. Postage for returning the 12 new prints will be paid for by the University Print Society, however your donation will help us out tremendously.

all students entering the class this six weeks will do this assignment. only students who have had advanced printmaking before will also do relief etching.
materials: something to clean with as usual. we are OK at the moment with paper towels, but are in desperate need for denatured alcohol and mineral spirits. Clorox wipes, and old sheets and towels, soap is good too. anything to help with YOUR studio.

we would like to thank the visual art guild for buying the zinc plates.

ALSO it's time to enter Y.A.T.! prints always do prizes!
the guild bought your plates.

we will have a materials check middle of the six sure you have your rubber gloves since we are working with acid bath and oil base inks!

so get with it. we have a great semester ahead of us!