Wednesday, April 13, 2011

workshop with oscar gillespie at brookhaven (july)

ladies and gentlemen..

brookhaven..summer II

Oscar Gillespie

This intensive, 11-day workshop taught by Don Taylor and visiting artist Oscar Gillespie, professor of art, Bradley University, concentrates on burin engraving on copper and aquatint processes for color printmaking. Please note the dates: July 12-15, 18-22 and 25-26. For more information, call Don Taylor at 972-860-4732.

this is such an opportunity..Gillespie is the genuis of the intaglio process.

i am so disappointed that i will be out of town in july..

to have a chance to learn from this master is like beyond wow!

sign up as soon as you can..the class will fill quickly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

american print alliance

dear printmakers...

I would highly suggest if nothing else you visit this site:

student membership is only $19 ( 4 magazines, 4 prints and access to special parts of their website!)

this is an exhibition that we were a part of in 2002!

Alliance Exhibits September 11 Memorial Portfolio The idea of commemorating the victims with a memorial of images on paper, rather than stone or steel, is a reflection of our art. The portfolio is a simple and prevalent format among printmakers, which allows even a large group of prints to be sent for exhibition to many places. And this portfolio is very large, 445 artworks donated by artists from the United States, Canada and ten additional countries. Thousands of people died because this country respects freedom of religion and speech and encourages all individuals to reach their full potential. We celebrate their individuality in that spirit of creativity. We hope our expression of sympathy comforts their families and friends, a nation and the world.

NOW!!!! a result all students will be required to buy their own tools next year...speedball cutters stolen in mass..speedball blades almost all gone... and so it is..

and on a side note..this year's Dallas Art Walk has three to four different print/presses represented: Tandem,CrownPoint,Public Works and Tamarind and maybe more...

check them out!