Friday, October 24, 2008

Assignments for rest of 2nd 6 weeks

ok! we are getting to the end of our part of this long and excellent DMA connections project.
by next Friday the hallowed HALLOWEEN, all plates need to be dry/ inked on color, all prints in the drawers of their destination, so that we can transport everything to the DMA.
THE RECEPTION IS THE SECOND WEEK OF NOVEMBER , exact dates and time to follow.
special and heartfelt thanks to our filming crew. we will also want to present our DMA ladies and supporters with flowers the night of the just put that on the radar. we are very lucky that they support our program the way they do.( and it'd because of the continuous excellent work you students do!)
Now, in regard to assignments:
1. If this is your first time in printmaking since Intro to Studio, you are to do a reduction print, subject matter up to you, 12" x 12", minimum 4 colors... more is better... think of the puzzle print concept and the ability to individually do mini reductions in individual parts/sections/pieces.
2. Those of you who have been in printmaking need to come up with a design for what ever technique print you want to do by Monday/Tuesday Oct.27th/28th. If you want to medium size to large size intaglio prints then you need to purchase your own plates. There is a possibility that I am going to make an order to Graphic Chemical and you can join in. The price list is on the bulletin board.
Also spoke to Terri at Paper Arts. She is going to carry supplies. ( we want to support her she's a master printer and has great free advice!) tel. 214- 828-9494
or you can go to: McMurray Metal Co., 3000 Elm Street, 75226, tel. 214- 742- 5654
( remember you need contact paper to put on one side of the plate if you are not buying back-coated zinc)
I think Asel's also has printmaking supplies.
Brand Sheet Metal is where I got the steel plates... 5119 Lawnview 75227, tel. 214- 388- 9819
I would call first and see if they are there. they have all metal too.
You need to start buying your own tools.... think about the tool w/ 3point tips from Home Depot
called " general marking tool set.. no.707088. a woodcut set would also be good. paper arts has some nice ones as do other places.
Today image wise I'm featuring Sean Morgan and Anna Laura Juarez. rock on!

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