Monday, November 10, 2008

copy of the critique can copy and excuses! 2 due each six weeks

Name: ___________________________________________ Print Level:___________ Class period: _______

Title: _________________________________________________________________
Artist: ________________________________________________________________
Media: _______________________________________________________________
Location of print. (Where did you find it?)_____________________________________

Just saying you like a particular print is not enough. In order to develop your critical
eye and explain your reasons, using the following steps of looking at art. Record the title of the print, type/technique of print and location of the work.

DESCRIPTION: Make a list of everything you can see in this print. Describe the piece and include size and technique.

ANALYSIS: Describe the work in terms of the elements and principles of design. What kind of plate, inking technique, paper and how were the marks the artist wanted to make controlled?

INTERPRETATION: Give meaning to the work of art. Was the type of print effective in creating the type of mark/image the artist intended? How large is the edition? Write a paragraph interpreting what you see.

JUDGEMENT: Write a closing statement describing the strengths and weakness of this print and how you do or do not find it inspiring.

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