Sunday, February 22, 2009

art ball project - april 12th delivery date

this week initial alphabet in hieroglyphics/logo grams is due. quote for edge lettering space is also due.
box size:
boarder is 3" x 28"
top and bottom 5" x 9"

remember the whole project is based on the king tut exhibition which you all have seen
notice link to dma for educational info.

we want these boxes i.e. bricks to be colorful and relate to the iconography of the era.
each of you will receive at least 7 boxes.

i would seriously consider doing puzzle/stamp/reduction prints.
it is very important to think process first.

also think about making the boxes sound active, like putting bells inside and the like.
we will be working with some really nice Japanese linoleum(from mc clains printmaking supplies) and new semi rubber base inks. also Japanese. it is of utmost importance that you find the cutters that have disappeared since working on the mdf boards. everyone needs to purchase their own set.

we need used clean towels, paper towels and cleaning wipes. mineral spirits would also be extremely helpful.

also start thinking about your message in a bottle print. info on blog and posted on door in the room. i want to see your ideas and talk over technical aspects.

TOTA is this Saturday! be here or be square.

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