Tuesday, April 13, 2010

well..... shows..statement

it's been a while,
we have worked extremely hard.
the dma show is up, the printmaking and sculpture show is up, prints are coming in from our print exchange, message in a bottle show. due date for the editions is april 16th.
meeting with the crow is the following friday. prints go to the crow to be hung may 6th.
april 18th -may 5th. we will have the time to photograph and or scan prints for reproduction for the coloring book that will be sent to amdo china..the tibetan elem/middle school. free tibeters are finding sponsors to pay for the printing and crayons for these kids.
we will pack up prints next week to send to the other schools.

things are winding down thankfully..the next 6 weeks you will have time to create your own work in class. contracts will be due monday (b) the 19th and tuesday (a) 20th.
please take advantage of this "free" time.
if interested you can do a three plate, color separation polymer plate prints. I will demonstrate this process plus show registration of woodcut based on japanese woodcut techniques.

opening reception: thursday, april 15th from 4:30 to 6:00 pm
dallas museum of art
1717 north harwood street
the marguerite and robert hoffman galleries
the show will be up through april 24th
btwhspva printmaking and sculpture show
hudson foundation gallery
opening reception: thursday april 15th, 6:30-8:00pm.
the show will be up through april 23rd
statement for these shows....

Coastlines: Images of Land and Sea

The prints in this year’s printmaking exhibition were created for and sponsored by the DMA’s Young Artists Program, Coastlines: Images of Land and Sea, The Art Ball 2010. They consist of 47, 24” x 32” individual woodcuts sharing the thematic approach of The Meeting of Land and Sea, Coastal Labor, Seaside Leisure, The Bather: Myth and Modernity, From the Particular to the Universal and Dematerialization and, each represent the students presently in the printmaking program. As inspiration, the artist Friedenreich Hundertwasser’s art work was reviewed and analyzed; in order to tie one print sequentially into the next in the design manner of wrapping paper. The images explore how visual artists have represented coastal landscapes and an in depth portrayal of the coastal experience.
Due to space limitations the prints are hung in sequential order. The true exhibition display however is to be seen as one large image made up of 8 plates linearly stacked together in 6 rows, creating one large joined image i.e. one sail. The materials used represent coastal considerations and characteristics: wood, paper boats, black ink representing fuel and canvas an often used marine fabric.
A more accurate installation of the work can be seen at the Dallas Museum of Art which also includes a sculptural installation of 3 large origami boats and smaller boats made out of prints, sails made out of prints on canvas and the woodcut plates displayed as one large image on the back wall. It is a goal of the printmaking students to create prints to be seen in a new light and often off the wall. This concept using prints in 3-D form was influenced by Dennis Mc Nett printmaker and professor at Pratt.
We invite you to view this print installation in the Young Artists Exhibition in the Dallas Museum of Art in the Marguerite and Robert Hoffman Galleries, April 15th – April 24th, 2010 during regular museum hours.
video and pictures to follow soon.
next and final exhibition for this school year:
Message in a bottle
Trammel Crow Collection of Asian Art
reception and sale: thursday may 13th, 5:30-7:00

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