Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ok all... monks will be here oct 2nd for opening ceremony

ok all.. all prayer flags must be completed by this friday sept. 10th 2010
open studio this tuesday sept. 7th.... after school till 5:30pm
wednesday sept. 8th..... after school till 7pm.
prayer flag exchange... friday october 8th 2010... out fair day 5:30 - 6:30pm
all students and their families are welcome and semi expected to be there.
please go to WWW.crowcollection.org for exact info.. click on calendar and go to dates
oct. 2nd-9th, 2010
now we are starting on reduction prints for most of you! our topic is the u.s. constitution especially the bill of rights.. all students need to pick an amendment and think how is this amendment in practice today? how do you feel our rights are being protected today in these great american states... this is a print about you and how you feel about this country NOW! in relationship to what our constitution enables us to have.
think ..what does it mean: the american dream? the middle class? how do you defend your opinion based on facts....
this is important to have come up with thoughts that will then inspire images....
remember supplies and a copy of the constitution must be turned in for a grade!
and click on prints and illustrated books......
here are works collected in the greatest modern museum in u.s.a.
look at these!!!!!
good inspiration.

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