Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd six weeks schedule

all students should be working on their large plate RELIEF prints, either linoleum full or half sheet or large woodcut, full or 3/4th sheet.
originally we were going to attempt doing reduction work but with all the activity with the monks and school in general time has slipped away from us....
so now we are doing a straight relief cut print based on the amendment or clause/article you chose. remember you are also responsible for researching 3 different and new printmakers that make marks/cuts that are technically where you want to go.
all prints are based initially on Tom Huck... but the extra is based on your own personal research.(3 sources printed out for a grade)
these pieces need to show how you feel about your topic!
so... you need to have a final print and a minimal edition of three printed for your
6 weeks test.
6 weeks test grade is a finished print!
next week we are going to the DMA to check out the Posada exhibition!
all students who turned in their permission forms will walk over in class.
we will then try to do a relief etching based on Posada's prints and plates and do a small reduction print...
so plan ahead.
do some idea sketches.
find something YOU want to work with image wise.
i am looking forward to these large prints! and again want to thank all of you for all your wonderfulness in regard to dealing with the Crow and the monks.
so many comments...you must be a good teacher...NO I HAVE GREAT STUDENTS!!!!

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