Tuesday, December 14, 2010

deadlines for the end of 2010

okay all...before you leave for the holidays the following things must get done:
1. edition of 6 about u.s. constitution/u.n. bill of rights print
prints need to be PERFECT...no fingerprints, inked correctly and borders the same size.
signed in pencil
2. card to the first family for the holidays explaining why you picked your article,amendment...
explaining your choice of symbolism and why it's important to you.
3. give me the card with your name and address on the envelope, and a print from your edition that I will mail to the white house..( this is my Christmas gift to you..our future!)
4. your small zinc plate needs to be beveled
5. design for posada print done and transferred on to hard ground.
6. bring in materials: paper towels, Clorox wipies, mineral spirits, paint thinner and each one of you need to have your own rubber gloves, "doctor" gloves and black sharpie and thin point black paint marker.
if you have all this done then you are exactly where you need to be for this class.
now in the new year we will complete this relief etching and play with some traditional etching and aquatint
and then start on our message in a bottle prints.
so guys here are the plans/requirements for next years message in a bottle:
To design, “real original print” for exchange exhibit and auction. Prints will be reproduced and be made into a coloring book that will be sent to the Tibetan School. The Crow Collection of Asian Art has graciously offered to sponsor the printing of the coloring book. BTW Preserve Tibet club will find a sponsor for postage and editing/formatting the work for print. They will also host and oversee the auction of prints.Paper size: exactly 8.5” x 11” vertical format (prints should fit in a large manila envelope!)
All images should have large areas of white space.

Subject matter/Objective: to design an image that reflects a “word” or “phrase” that has anything to do with or is related to: garden, park, lake, pond, and river
And this is new from the Crow since they have changed their exhibition schedule:
Crow exhibition theme for the Fabulous Journeys in Asian Art exhibition will involve the avatars of Vishnu—how he takes form as Krishna, Rama, and Varaha specifically, to help others and the environment.
So all above topics are topics are also ok.

Prints must include both English and Tibetan word or phrase.
This is a learning opportunity. Think scientifically artistic.

Again both Tibetan script and word and English word MUST be included in image. It would be great if each artist used a different word
Open to all types of prints.

Design Elements/Considerations: Line, Pattern, Positive and Negative SpaceAudience: Primary/Middle School Children (in China, no political message please or Religious)Google can provide great searches for Tibetan translations.
There are very few Tibetan children books. The Tibetan Healing Fund recently published and donated texts to these types of Tibetan schools. Also the students are not familiar with coloring books and very eager to learn Tibetan and to make art. It is also a great possibility that there will be opportunities for email buddies with these students in the futureSend two or three prints to each school. Please include in list form, student names, title, and type of print. Include Teacher Name and School. It would be nice if all teachers made a print. Booker T Washington’s adult print group will also be donating prints. In the past all instructors have done so. It’s greatly appreciated.
Work must arrive at Booker T Washington by April 15th, 2011

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