Tuesday, October 11, 2011

hello.. 2nd six weeks..

here we go again...
and the print steps up again. most prayer flags should be done. we have fire"proofed" the most and threw the generous gift off spray-able retardant, and the help of free tibeters on saturdays..not only are they fire proof..but the coastline banners and boat, fire proofed are up and sailing. we need to get ricky and evans video up about the actual installation and creation of these pieces.
will get the video up on here soon, plus the whole collection of the new prints for the second coloring book which by now should have made its way to tibet (50) through the graciousness of the tibetan healing fund and their contacts. hopefully they will be as well received as the 1st.
we are contemplating what is next along these lines and are debating an actual print postcard exchange similar to april katz's ( university of Illinois?) postcard exchange. the question is how to get monks and tibet children involved..
giving this thought.
we have finished this years new prayer flag designs, finished our text pattern and line cutting lino thanks to jamal's lino plate test, left behind, and are beginning an etching and aquatinting six weeks based on goya's print series portfolios. we will also to travelling to smu meadows and get to see about 40 prints.. taken directly from the storeroom. what an opportunity. thank you scott w. and smu.
it should be an interesting adventure, students will also see and review crown points cd series on etching aquatinting and chine colle.
initially prints are small, 3"x 4" but larger prints or prints of the same size will develop into a mini series and possibility of a mini book.
my original, and more detailed syllabus for printmaking will soon be available on the school website. more descriptive and goal oriented.. an important consideration since we will print!...lol
i am excited to process with intaglio and remind you all about materials and aprons.
check out the video!!!

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