Monday, September 15, 2008

another week ahead.

I went to Alex Hamrick's opening on Saturday and he had quite a few woodcuts that he had done in Boston on display. Very nice work, loose graphic and delicate jabs that were impressive. However most exciting were his series of playful and very well drawn figure studies on brown paper lunch sacks that lined the wall. These were both elegant and humorous.
I suggest that all should make an effort to see the show. it runs through October 11th.
Brooke Berman gallery,
170B Leslie street
Dallas, TX 75207
tel. 214 827 7211
There is also a wonderful print exhibit at Brookhaven College that opened Friday. The printmaking instructors from both Baylor University and Washington University. On Sept. 11th there will be an evening lecture by David Newman, one of Brookhaven's printmaking professors. Don't forget the printmaking show at the Bathhouse Cultural Art Center and the free workshops in encaustic techniques on the 13th. There are many print related things going on, so take time to enjoy some of them.
PLEASE GO TO CROWN POINTS LINK !!!! great new show and images of many famous contemporary prints. This was just posted as of last week, so the images are fresh.
In regard to class... we must step forward and start getting focused regardless of all the setbacks especially of the first few weeks. There is so much talent and skill that all you printmakers have and you need to share this by making art, PRINTS! get to it NOW plz!!!!!!
Lets get some images up, too.

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