Monday, September 15, 2008's almost the first day of another exciting year

dear all..
just as everyone needs to learn about our sight/site, i need to remember to keep it up. as you all know this kind of stuff is new to me.
anyhow.... most importantly, we have had numerous calls about what we are doing for the dma project and two people will be visiting on thursday to see what we have so far... so when i say we need to step on it, it is no joke.
this last friday the printmaking room, with the help of mr bell and the night custodians, joel from ap art office, finally got put back into some form of working order. as you will all see promises of correcting the room never happened but we do have what we need to now start making prints and will wing it like we always do. all of you is what makes that room such a wonderful creative place, so i know we will have a good year.
i have a few links that i need to put up but i'll leave that for next time...
and yes...we want prints up so that we can make comments.
so folks.. the 2008-2009 school year begins today!
should we say hurray?

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