Thursday, December 4, 2008

and so......

time is moving quickly, it is time to focus and get things done.

due dates are the 14th and 15th of December. TWO CRITIQUES ARE DUE ALSO!!!

now as usual our pace increases.

after winter break this is our agenda.
these are the projects we need to tackle in this order:

1. give away print for tota. (small etching?)

2. art ball. ( possibility of relief Egyptian text....relief print or silkscreen maybe using blue iron paper and etching deep on aluminum plates.)

3. message in a bottle (check specifics of proposal)

4. statement print(open... multi plate suggested)

5.where to have outside print exhibition with reception?

I would like to thank all of you for the success of the beginning or stage I of the DMA exhibition.


What a wonderfully talented group of strong minded creative individuals you all are. You make your teacher proud.(an understatement!) I can't wait to see the next batch and the new "interview" video. You go girl...Miss Linda Tran and thank you.

Is anyone willing to go over to the DMA and interview and film people in the space? We were invited to do this.... or take still photos? maybe on a late thursday night or on a sat. or sun. afternoon. you can borrow my still or video camera if you like...
extra credit points?

I will post the video link for the interview for the Trammell Crow video as soon as the final version is out. Taylani and Alice were our spokespersons and did an outstanding job.

please think about or better yet DO check out: Then if you can please look at Jan Jordaan and Aine Scannell 's sites... very good work and thoughts. the new edition of the AFT newsletter i.e remember it's over the Internet.. and we have been featured in this newsletter.........there are some very interesting things going on.


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