Tuesday, September 16, 2008

studio hours

The studio will be open every Tuesday: 4:10 to 6pm (adult group meets at 6pm)
every Wednesday: 4:10 to 6pm
these times are most convienent for me.. however other times can be scheduled.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ayyyy Ohhhh.

Okay, so if you guys haven't noticed/aren't in the fifth period printmaking class-
There have been some issues concerning uploading of student work to the printmaking blog, and now we have a solution!

This is actually a totally new blog, under the email btwprint@gmail.com.

If you want to post your work, etc. you can get the password to this account from Ms. Kutscheid, or most of the students in fifth period.

If you would like someone to upload your work for you, email it to kutscheid@gmail.com, btwprint@gmail.com, or LindaRoboTron@gmail.com (because I've got nothing better to do, obviously).

Umm so enjoy the new blog I guess!

-Linda and tons of other people, or something.


so we take out our umbrellas, raincoats and rubber boots.
as we're sitting in our homes, let us send positive thoughts, our messages of comfort and concern to all those immediately affected by ike.
eric avery has his studio in downtown galveston and a btw alumni, exceptional printmaker and now instructor in galveston, bobbie weiss and his family .. just two that immediately come to mind that hopefully are out of the area.
mother nature makes herself known again. what an archetypal image this could make.....
check out janine antoni's section on art 21. really focus on her comments on materials and their effect on art creation... she is the art connection/bridge to the installation at the dma. remember they are featuring her lather/chocolate self portrait busts and videos.
all of you need to be thinking about what you are planning on saying in your video segment.
your statement should have been influenced by ms antoni's concepts specifically dealing with material usage. again i suggest you start dialoguing and fine tuning your thoughts and statements.
1 plate and 3 good prints.
students that began this project last year must have two plates (3 prints each plate)
QUESTION: how many of you want to have another message in a bottle exhibition and sale at the trammell crow again in the spring, making it an annual event? we could start the tradition of also including alumni in the exhibition. it could be a way of staying in touch. let me know.

Here's a state school with a real printmaking program

Check out this site. Eric Avery went to this school a long time ago however it is one of the few state schools where you can really learn how to be a "master printer" but I'm not so sure they have that certification. Check their printmaking faculty's work ..... look at where they went to school.. that always opens doors for different sites and options. The studio will be open to print this Saturday Sept. 13th from 12:30 to 2:30.

after thought.... an artist suggested to investigate by Pema the tibetan artist living in N.Y.

Check out the artist SWOON.
click on link.... look at some of the video interviews.
This is a total different direction, in regard to installation art and the power of print.
More powerful than slick and playful Red Grooms 3-D print installations.
Her cut lines are very confident and effective, could also be seen as non-destructive to property, a valid use of print media, that can be easily removed and saved.
Start thinking about making prints in this format and size.

another week ahead.

I went to Alex Hamrick's opening on Saturday and he had quite a few woodcuts that he had done in Boston on display. Very nice work, loose graphic and delicate jabs that were impressive. However most exciting were his series of playful and very well drawn figure studies on brown paper lunch sacks that lined the wall. These were both elegant and humorous.
I suggest that all should make an effort to see the show. it runs through October 11th.
Brooke Berman gallery,
170B Leslie street
Dallas, TX 75207
tel. 214 827 7211
There is also a wonderful print exhibit at Brookhaven College that opened Friday. The printmaking instructors from both Baylor University and Washington University. On Sept. 11th there will be an evening lecture by David Newman, one of Brookhaven's printmaking professors. Don't forget the printmaking show at the Bathhouse Cultural Art Center and the free workshops in encaustic techniques on the 13th. There are many print related things going on, so take time to enjoy some of them.
PLEASE GO TO CROWN POINTS LINK !!!! great new show and images of many famous contemporary prints. This was just posted as of last week, so the images are fresh.
In regard to class... we must step forward and start getting focused regardless of all the setbacks especially of the first few weeks. There is so much talent and skill that all you printmakers have and you need to share this by making art, PRINTS! ....so get to it NOW plz!!!!!!
Lets get some images up, too.

bathhouse cultural print show

dear all,
i just wanted to thank all of you who came to the opening. your support really means a great deal to me. it's quite an honor to have students and parents... friends and the like make time to come see the work and say hello. so once again thank you! i hope you liked the work. the encaustic show also has some very interesting pieces. i just loved the little pony on roller wheels in the corner....
so what did you think?

well...it's almost the first day of another exciting year

dear all..
just as everyone needs to learn about our sight/site, i need to remember to keep it up. as you all know this kind of stuff is new to me.
anyhow.... most importantly, we have had numerous calls about what we are doing for the dma project and two people will be visiting on thursday to see what we have so far... so when i say we need to step on it, it is no joke.
this last friday the printmaking room, with the help of mr bell and the night custodians, joel from ap art office, finally got put back into some form of working order. as you will all see promises of correcting the room never happened but we do have what we need to now start making prints and will wing it like we always do. all of you is what makes that room such a wonderful creative place, so i know we will have a good year.
i have a few links that i need to put up but i'll leave that for next time...
and yes...we want prints up so that we can make comments.
so folks.. the 2008-2009 school year begins today!
should we say hurray?


Hello and welcome.
A new year and a new era...
Thanks to Ms Jalilvand we now have a blog. This is the 21st century after all!
I look forward to creative exchange and a wonderfully productive upcoming year.
We have much to accomplish... great things ahead coming up quickly...
so let's get to it!
ms kutscheid