Thursday, January 22, 2009

new assignments for second semester 09

happy happy 09!
we have a very exciting semester coming up. Much work needs to be created however we have great avenues for our work.
so jump to it!
exact dates to be announced later on this blog.

all advanced printmakers are expected to enter at least one print into Y.A.T.

Message in a Bottle.

paper size: 8" x 10"

image size open.

vertical or horizontal

all printmaking techniques accepted

color or black and white

text should be included

2 or 3 prints of each image to each school ( total 2 x 6 schools = 12, or 3 x 6 = 18 ( minimum in individual editions )

instructors please participate also.
exhibition date opening : May 7th, 2009

the show will be up for one week

Trammell Crow Museum of Asian Art - Dallas, Texas(more info to follow)
check out this video recently done for this museum.
Work needs to arrive by April 20th, 2009

this is the information we sent out.

schools participating: UTA, Angelo State University, Vaal University of Technology,

Silwane S.P. School- Room 13 Art Project ( both from South Africa)

and hopefully Brookhaven.

TOTA Letter Prints

Paper size 8 x 10

imagine size..... small zinc plate

technique: etching and aquatint

Edition size 2 on good paper from TOTA folks and 10 for grade for this six weeks

ART BALL boxes

we will be doing relief prints in aluminum and blue film!

this is the technique that John Vinclark showed us during showcase.

we are basing our prints on Egyptian hieroglyphs... doing a modern self invented version/design.

we will address this project after completion of tota prints..then dma stuff then message in a bottle.

this six weeks all students need to complete alphabet/tota prints and their reduction print. this is the minimum!

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Kevin Houlahan said...

So much to do, So much to show!

Cant wait!