Monday, November 30, 2009

last 3 weeks before winter break

All editions are due DECEMBER 14th.
no exceptions.
now to the rest of the 2009-2010 school year:
project #1:
design for ART Ball project at the DMA.....
installation date april 13th.
due monday dec 7th or tuesday dec 8th.
think about what you want to work with...large woodcut plate, tiny etchings piercing through...aluminum plates..large bendable?hmmmmm......
how to get the prints off the wall..
how to make a beautiful powerful statement
and still scream a message and be interactive.
remember we want to be the best...
the very very best.
look at prints about coastlines, boats, bathers, fishermen,sailors,immigrants..
tell a personal story.
more thought..more research..the more to work with.
artists to begin looking at: hundertwasser,red rooms DMA collection!
all ideas will be presented in the individual classes..voted on, reworked and then posted on the blog so that ALL students can vote.
the final plan is due to DMA tuesday dec 15th.
(so if you don't come up with an idea and an agreement..i will decide and if there is no real effort i will decline.)
project #2:
message in a bottle all ready scheduled to open may 6th, 2010 at the Trammell Crow. installation will be the week before and prints need to get mailed so APRIL 16th, 2010 is the due date.
we might do small etchings or small books.
small zinc plate or larger polymer and do book pages in tibetan for tibetan children.
we have san angelo state and brookhaven agreeing to be a part of the exchange so far.
postcard exchange exhibition invitational to all magnet schools in the network?. due before you leave..measurement 4"x6"
put your name and school address,title, medium, age on the back.
print neatly.
now let's get with it!
show our community how excellent you guys are.....