Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving greetings from the monks

Hello! Dear Ms. Eva and students, Heartiest Greeting to you, your family, and friends on this great occasion of Thanksgiving Holiday! Like a lucid dream, I can imagine how wonderful it is to get together and relax with your near and dear ones after all these months of daily chores and busy schedules. I understand you spent lots of energies saving lives, imparting knowledge, or supporting others’ wellbeing and happiness. Well, please accept my apology to you for my long silence not because of intense errand, but due to my own agitation and laziness. But, I assure you have been in my thoughts and prayers more often than you would imagine for you are very kind and gracious for me and many others sentient beings. Thanksgiving is the time to get together and thank kind persons, but I find no equivalent words that could express my gratitude to you. In other words, you mean so much to me and your kindness bestowed over me and others is wider than the Sky, deeper than the Ocean, and higher than the Mt Everest. Hence, let me use the same simple word “Thank You So Much” for all your Peace, Compassion, and Goodness. The kindness that you have been showing is highly appraised and deeply appreciated. Let’s continue our care and compassion for one another, and expand such virtue for others throughout our life. Together, we could enrich this world with abundance of Love, Compassion, Friendship, and Peace! Happy Thanksgiving! Thupten Tendhar

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