Saturday, October 3, 2009

BURKA BEAUTY miranda davolt

Okay, so in this print I was inspired by the way that beauty is masked by floor-length burkas in some countries in the middle east, specifically Afghanistan and Pakistan (Taliban-ruled countries). We may never know who's beneath there. Something also intriguing about burkas is that I actually think that they are beautiful, because the colors are often unconventional; like this striking periwinkle color and a kind of pea-soup green color. So here's this sense of beauty that is very typical: roses.... and it clashes with something that I think is beautiful, even though it represents oppression of beauty and femininity and thinking women are just too sensual to bare their eyes or a toe or an ankle. I also think that my belief that even the burka is beautiful, even though I wholly doubt that a woman would willingly choose to mask their ENTIRE body, even their eyes, intensifies a sense that beauty cannot be supressed. And even in a place where it is so widely discouraged, it thrives. Therefore the message to the right of the burka reads, "Let Beauty Thrive." Then beneath that is the Hebrew word for beauty. So voila. Enjoy.


Miranda Davolt said...

Everyone's going to be wearing burkas soon. I mean, we're enveloping ourselves with mile-long scarves.... panchos were really in in 2004.... it's time for the burka. I'm feeling it.

Nothing comes between me and my burka.

-Kalvin Clein

Jaquey said...

im really inspired by this!

hmmm... maybe a concentration piece will be born from this idea!