Wednesday, October 28, 2009

after the monks are gone...... printmaking continues

Dear Printmakers!

First of all thank you to all the students who actively participated in this years prayer flag exchange. The prints are exceptional this year and the monks where also a most wonderful group.

Also special thanks to The Trammell Crow Collection of Asian Art.

We have prayer flags prints on paper in the Sky Gallery. Approximately 25 in total and should be on exhibition for the next two months.

And to the Mystical Arts of Tibet Tour and the Drepung Monks.... we take our hats off! WOW!

Our monk group was the west group.. their names.. Geshe TSulak Gyatso, Tenzin Tashi, Lobsang Pajor,Yeshi Palden(yapa),Phuntsok Dawe and Geshe Wangden Tashi who said he would send us a traditional woodblock, and last but not least the spokesperson and monk Thupten Tendhar.

please visit the BTWPrint on facebook page for more.

now back to printmaking...

these are two fabulous sites..great research place

(thanks to our alumni Krystal Read)

Now to the this 6 weeks... all students have individual projects that the are working on.

If you are a first time printmaking student you are required to do a reduction print. ( minimum of 4 colors plus white!)

We have a video on u-tube that really explains the process well. Please google reduction printmaking and the site will come up. This printmaker also has different videos of process for intaglio printmaking which is a four part series and takes about a half an hour in total to watch. I highly suggest you check these out on your own time.

Since we only have 2 more weeks till the end of this six weeks you will be graded on your progress on the prints you are individually working on, however full editions will be due before we leave on Christmas break.

Please check out these two websites... great printmakers from all over the world.

I will add them to our links also.

check out the new slide show....

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